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Looking for spelt baking mixes? Well look no further as Cathy has done the hard work and put her recipes into a bag so the customer can have freshly baked spelt scones, flapjacks and breads in no time at all!.

We have also added to the spelt family and now we have developed a **SPELT COUS COUS** all you have to do is add boiling water to the box, leave for a few minutes and taste the goodness. These pots of goodness work great as a snack or a side to a main meal.

The good thing about all Cathy’s spelt baking mixes is that they are delicious, and suitable for everyone especially those whom are wheat intolerant as spelt is gentle on the digestive system.

Spelt is an ancient grain and has not been hybridized the way that modern wheat has been the kernel is tightly surrounded by a strong husk which would protect the nutrients in the grain along with protection from from pollutants and disease.

There are five spelt baking mixes in the family so far; Multiseed Bread Mix, Wholemeal Bread Mix, Tomato and Herb Bread/Pizza Base, White Scone Mix and a Flapjack Mix all of which are available to buy online from our shop. The breads do not contain any added sugar and all of the baking mixes are yeast free.

What’s more is that you can bake lots of different things from each spelt baking mix, they are so versatile as you will see from our recipes! We would love to know how you bake yours so drop us a line on facebook or by email, we’d love to share your tips.

Happy baking!

Check out Cathy’s Spelt Mixes:

Wholemeal Spelt Mixbake wholemeal Spelt bread

scone spelt mixSpelt Scone Mix

multiseed spelt mixMultiseed Spelt Bread Mix

flapjack spelt mixFlapjack Spelt Mix

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