Cathy has developed a range of five spelt baking mixes. The good thing about all Cathy’s spelt mixes is that they are delicious, and suitable for everyone especially those who are wheat intolerant as spelt is gentle on the digestive system.

All the range are made from spelt flour and there are five in the family so far; Multiseed Bread Mix, Wholemeal Bread Mix, Tomato and Herb Bread/Pizza Base, White Scone Mix and a Flapjack Mix all of which are available to buy online from our shop. What’s more is that you can bake lots of different things from each bag, they are so versatile as you will see from our recipes! We would love to know how you bake yours so drop us a line on facebook or by email, we’d love to share your tips.

Happy baking!

Cathy x

Click here and Cathy will tell you the story of how it all began!