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Ocado here we come!

We are so happy to say that we are now available to buy on Ocado in the UK! We have had so many queries and abandoned carts from UK customers because of the cost of shipping and are so happy to get this listing with Ocado, a premium retailer.

Multiseed Spelt Scones

If you are looking for a healthy wholemeal scone why not use our multiseed mix. The scones are lovely and freeze well so you can make up a batch and then take them out as you need them. They are very handy for lunch boxes too!

Lemon & Cinnamon Cookies

This is an easy recipe which uses our White Scone Mix  to make delicious crumbly lemon & cinnamon cookies. These cookies would make a pretty delicious food present if visiting friends or family. If you would like an orange flavoured cookie just substitute the lemon zest for orange zest.

Saint Patrick…..

Saint Patrick’s Day I hope you will enjoy the festivities of Saint Patrick’s day which is celebrated the world over, pretty amazing for a little country like ours!. It is also amazing how long this tradition has endured and where its origins lie, right back to the fifty century. This blog post is not about […]

Iced Lemon Tray bake

Lemon Tray Bake What you need: 225g or 8 oz White Scone Mix 175g/6 oz butter/ dairy free can also be used 150g/5 oz caster sugar The rind of 1 lemon finely grated 3 large eggs Glace Icing: 225g/8 oz icing sugar 2 tablespoons of squeezed lemon juice Method: 1. Preheat oven to 180 ®C/350 […]

Swiss Roll Recipe

Swiss Roll Recipe Swiss Roll cakes originated in Europe in the nineteenth century around the time the Battenberg and sponge was created and is still a firm favourite today. Our recipe is a Mary Berry recipe which we have slightly adapted and used our white scone mix, you can actually make four of these cakes from […]

Madeira Cake Recipe

Madeira Cake Recipe Below you will find a really lovely Madeira cake recipe which is made in a loaf tin- so you have a Madeira loaf! One bag of our White Spelt Scone Mix makes two of these cakes so its great value. It can also be made dairy free just dairy free butter. However […]

Moist Dairy Free Lemon Cake Recipe

 Moist Dairy Free Lemon Cake Recipe This recipe for a moist dairy free lemon cake is made from spelt flour using half a bag of my White Spelt Scone Mix. I have called this Oskar’s cake after one of my three little grandchildren who is dairy intolerant. If he has dairy his skin flares up […]

Wholefoods London Tastings

Hello! I’m off to pack my back for London where I’ll be based next week doing lots of tastings in Wholefoods Kensington so pop by if you happen to be there. These are the times: Wednesday 2nd December 12am-6pm Saturday 5th December 12am-6pm Sunday 6th December 12am-6pm Hope to see you there! Yvonne

Wholemeal Muffins

Below is the recipe for deliciously moist muffins which are made from our Wholemeal Mix and the cinnamon and apple really add flavor. This muffin is a healthy handy option. The recipe below uses half a bag of our mix and makes 6 good sized muffins, if you want to use the full bag just […]