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Pumpkin Pie

This recipe for pumpkin pie comes courtesy of Rhonda Malahy from Oklahoma. I got a great recipe book called Cafe Oklahoma from her and Paradise Pumpkin Pie is straight from it. Its was our first time ever making pumpkin pie and it is really really good and worth the effort!.

Mini Bundt Cake

This recipe will make 13 mini bundt cakes which you can make in advance or freeze for a really lovely desert. Just pour some fresh cream over the top and pile high with fresh fruit for a really pretty easy dessert. We used Xylitol which can be used as an alternative to sugar for people with diabetes as it does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels. It also has 40% less calories thank sugar so its a healthier dessert. You can still use sugar if you don't have Xylitol just replace using the same quantities.

Swiss Roll

Swiss Roll cakes originated in Europe in the nineteenth century around the time the Battenberg and sponge was created and is still a firm favourite today. Our recipe is a Mary Berry recipe which we have slightly adapted and used our white scone mix, you can actually make four of these cakes from one bag of our mix.

Madeira Cake

Below you will find a really lovely Madeira cake recipe which is made in a loaf tin- so you have a Madeira loaf! One bag of our White Spelt Scone Mix makes two of these cakes so its great value. It can also be made dairy free just dairy free butter. However dairy certainly does give the cake an extra richness.

Moist Dairy Free Lemon Cake

This recipe for a moist dairy free lemon cake is made from spelt flour using half a bag of my White Spelt Scone Mix. I have called this Oskar’s cake after one of my three little grandchildren who is dairy intolerant. If he has dairy his skin flares up its quite incredible and so I have adapted one of my Madeira cake recipes to make him a delicious dairy free lemon cake.

Oklahoma Prairie Pancakes

This recipe is a variation from a cookbook which I received from my daughter’s mother in law who is as you may have guessed from Oklahoma. I have previously made a pumpkin pie from this recipe book which was as you can imagine delicious!

Easy Gingerbread Recipe

This is an easy gingerbread recipe that is lovely and spongy with a great flavor. Enjoy it with a cup of tea or as a desert with ice cream.

Fruit Cake

This Fruit Cake is our version of a Halloween Brack which is made using our White Scone Mix and it’s also dairy free and is really rich. It can be eaten any time of the year but if you want to check out our latest blog post you will get a quick run down on Halloween or Samhain as it was known as in pagan times!

Lemon and Cinnamon Cookies

This is an easy recipe which uses our White Scone Mix to make delicious crumbly lemon & cinnamon cookies. These cookies would make a pretty delicious food present if visiting friends or family. If you would like an orange flavoured cookie just substitute the lemon zest for orange zest.

Christmas Pudding

This recipe for Christmas Pudding is the same one that has been in use over the past twenty years in the Whitty household. However we now substitute wheat flour for spelt flour.