Ten minute connections

As I sat down or rather lay down in bed with the laptop, (I know the laptop will over heat) thinking about what to write for this blog post ‘connections’  seemed to be the common theme in our business the past few weeks.

Soraya and Katera are two lovely ladies, both of whom have one thing in common, we had only met them in person for a total of ten minutes but we somehow connected.

Coze di Roze is an online clothes shop run by Soraya whom we met about four years ago when we participated at a fair in Marlay Park, Dublin.

We met Soraya and her sister Carol who runs an jewellery store and we just clicked somehow. We have never met Soyaya since but we became facebook friends. Soraya is super  for interacting with her fans and is also a keen baker and when she suggested we run a competition together we were delighted. It was so generous of her to share her fans in that way. She is  such a lovely positive person and that’s what you need when you are in business ploughing a lonely furrow often times. Click here to see our draw!.

Baking Mixes

Fiona my sister the arty one who lives in London and has the most energy of anyone I know was doing a tasting this time last year in Wholefoods when she met a lovely lady from Philadelphia, Katera who bought some scones mixes. Fiona regularly meets the most lovely people when she does tastings who buy her presents including one lady who bought her a steamer as she didn’t have one and was concerned that she was loosing all the nutrients boiling her vegetables! How lovely is that!

Anyway back to Katera from Philadelphia fast forward a year exactly from Wholefoods and this same lady is in Dublin with her daughter Amatullah on holidays and is trying to get hold of of our scone mixes. She goes to all the stores Health Matters Grafton Street, Dunnes, Nourish, SuperValu and cant get it anywhere. I have also phoned around with no joy. Then she facebooks me to see if there is anywhere else to try, looking at the message I see she is in Avoca so myself and mam jump in the car and meet  the most wonderful lady and her daughter just before the tour bus she came on leaves Avoca Handweavers. My sister in law couldn’t believe what we were doing driving to meet a complete stranger it was costing us money, how many other companies would do that? Probably not many Im sure! But to be honest meeting that lady and seeing how thrilled she was was payment enough for us.

Baking Mixes

Since then Katera has been into her local shops looking for them to stock our mixes in the states. Its amazing though how you can meet some people for less than ten minutes but somehow you can connect with them and its such a positive experience. Its so thrilling to meet people like this.

We buy from Soraya because she is a lovely person and because she has great clothes but its the connection that is important. Often we are asked by people; buyers, bank, people we are usually looking for funding from how we can compete with the big companies out there, we are so small?

I actually believe the answer is; not how can we compete with them rather how can they compete with us?

Betty Crocker would never get in her car on and meet Katera the way we did and I’m sure many others just like us would do the same. Furthermore Cathy actually exists unlike Betty Crocker!.

Do you have any ten minute connections? We would love to hear any of your stories if you feel like sharing!